eBound – Shannon Culver and Jordan Knoll

canada.winter.2014 058During our last trip to Canada, I met with Jordan Knoll and Shannon Culver of eBound, a project initiated in 2011 by the Association of Canadian Publishers. Culver and Knoll were kind enough to give me some of their time, and I’ve done a short email interview with her that I’m planning to work into one or more of the papers I’m working on. I’ll be posting some excerpts from the conversation I had with her later. It’s interesting to compare some of what Culver had to say about the state of the industry in comparison with where things were when I started interviewing publishers at my old blog in 2006. My first interviewee was Bev Daurio. There was still a lot of skepticism about the future of ebooks then. This is an industry that’s changing quickly — or, maybe to be more precise about it, is surrounded by change and working to integrate that into its models.